Managed Services for Professional Service Firms

Fully outsourced IT department, IT leadership, and cybersecurity.

How TotalCare IT Works with Professional Service Firms in Idaho

  • We work best with professional service firms that are looking to completely outsource their IT department.
  • Or, if a company does have internal staff in an IT capacity, TotalCare IT is the outsourced resource for service desk escalations, cybersecurity solutions, and compliance consulting.
  • A lot of what we do at TotalCare to keep your business or firm secure and running smoothly happens remotely. We are also available for on-site visits when the need arises. We have employees and offices in Boise and Idaho Falls.
  • The types of professional service organizations that see the most benefit in working with us
    • Have 15+ employees who use computers, tablets, or laptops for their job;
    • See cybersecurity as an investment, not an expense;
    • Value ongoing IT leadership and technology alignment; and
    • Need their data to be compliant with SOX, PCI DSS, FTC Safeguards, etc.

Idaho's professional service firms are constantly under attack by cyber criminals. Let's work together to reduce your cyber risk.

We conduct regular reviews of your IT and cyber environment, and through our technology alignment process determine which areas are meeting compliance and which areas need improvement. The virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) assigned to your company then presents this information to you in a 6-12 month roadmap so your leadership team can make decisions on improvements and budgeting going forward.

We do all this while still being your trusted resource for service desk tickets and IT projects.


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