Fully Managed Business Phone System

Business relies on your ability to communicate with your clients and your team no matter where you’re working.

Just as landlines use telephone lines and cell phones use cell towers, VoIP phones use the Internet. Since your business already has an internet connection, you can run your phone system off it and stop paying the cable company.

TotalCare IT's EasyVoIP gives you

  • lower operating costs,
  • greater convenience than traditional services,
  • increased accessibility,
  • higher scalability, and
  • the ability to multitask.
We manage everything for you -  adding users, removing users, setting up ring groups, etc. 
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VoIP phone systems give you the flexability to use whatever hardware is most convenient and flexible for your staff. 

  • Staff who like traditional desk phones can use IP based desk phones.
  • Staff who enjoy using a headset at their PC or laptop can use what is called a softphone - it's an application that runs on your machine to make and receive calls.
  • For staff who are constantly on the go or out at a project site, the smart phone application might be the best option. Your calls ring to your cell phone, but your personal number is not revealed.

And of course, you can have a combination of these options for your company.

TotalCare IT handles the management of the phone system, which includes

  • Hosting the phone,
  • Configuring phones,
  • Adds, moves, and changes,
  • Setting up ring groups, and
  • Technical support of phone system.

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is a modern communication solution that leverages the power of the internet to handle voice calls for your business. Instead of traditional phone lines, which can be costly and less flexible, VoIP uses your existing internet connection to make and receive calls.

With on-premises hosting, the VoIP phone system hardware and software are physically located and managed within your organization's premises. This includes servers, switches, routers, and other necessary equipment.

TotalCare IT uses a cloud-based hosting model, which means the VoIP phone system is hosted and managed by a third-party service provider in their data centers or "the cloud." Your organization accesses the VoIP services over the internet.

Thinking About Making A Change In Your Business Phone System?

Let's hop on a painless 15 minute call to discuss what you are looking for, and if it lines up with what TotalCare IT offers. There will be no hard selling.

Read What Idaho Businesses Have to Say About Working with TotalCare IT:

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"Start the Morning off Right, with a Cup of TotalCare IT"

It is a huge sense of relief knowing TotalCare IT is backing up all of our data daily. Just knowing that we will have backups available, and our data can be restored quickly and painlessly if we need it, helps me start each morning off right.

We appreciate the ease of remote monitoring and maintenance. When we call TotalCare IT, the phone is answered live and their team can quickly remote into our computers and fix any problem we are having in our inventory software or virtual machines. This accessibility is a huge time saver.

If you are on the fence about who to work with as your IT firm, I say choose TotalCare IT and experience the difference.

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"Our Holistic Technology Partner"

I believe the single biggest pain point TotalCare IT has solved for us at Thresher Wheat is vertically integrating our IT support. TotalCare is an inclusive managed service provider that looks at IT support holistically and allows us to consolidate several IT support vendors into one.  TotalCare has outperformed other IT firms we have tried in the past with their commitment to solving issues and implementing solutions that work for all our locations.

Thresher Wheat has a strong technology partnership with TotalCare IT. If you’re looking for top-tier technology support for your business, then you’ve found your partner too.


"TotalCare IT is an Amazing Partner in Business"

I run a busy medical billing office and TotalCare has always been there when I need something. They have eliminated several potential problems before they could happen. TotalCare also continually helps me navigate the complicated HIPAA security rule when it comes to IT and data interchange.

When we went through a tough and complicated business acquisition, Aaron gracefully managed the whole IT transition process. Every interaction I have with TotalCare shows their honesty and helpful spirit. I would highly recommend Aaron and his team!