Full-Service Cloud Infrastructure

For Idaho businesses that want to work from anywhere.


4 Ways Cloud Infrastructure Benefits Your Business

For Idaho businesses looking to host their data in the cloud


Moves IT from the Balance Sheet to the P&L

The biggest business use case for cloud computing is that you no longer need to buy expensive hardware or expensive per-user software licensing. Instead, those physical assets move off of your balance sheet and onto your profit-loss statement as tax-deductible, monthly utilities. 


Let's you work from anywhere

Cloud-based systems mean that your team has the same systems, apps, and functionality, no matter where they’re working. Citrix, Azure, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, G-Suite, Adobe - it's all accessible from the office, home, or the ski slopes!


Gives you ultimate scalability

Only pay for what you use and increase or decrease your services anytime. You also don’t have to pay for expensive maintenance, configuration, or updates anymore. That’s all done by the cloud service provider and included in your subscription. 


Advances your security in the cloud

Storing your data in the cloud does not mean you are invulnerable to traditional cyber attacks. Any device you use to access your data in the cloud needs to be secured. Fortunately, there are great tools to do so!

What types of Cloud services does TotalCare IT offer, and are they right for your business?

Our Founder & CEO Aaron Zimmerman explains this and other common questions he gets about the cloud in this video. 

The quick rundown? We offer full cloud architecture and migration services in Microsoft Azure of Amazon's AWS as well as cloud support from our talented engineers. We also provide cloud security solutions.

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