Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

The TotalCare IT team provides cybersecurity services and support to business throughout Idaho including...

  • Security posture assessments
  • Cybersecurity implementation and support
  • Incident response planning
  • Employee vulnerability training

What's at Risk During a Cyber Attack?

Lost Revenue

Lengthy Downtimes

Loss of Client Trust

Fines & Legal Implications

Protecting Your Business

When you’re ready to get serious about cybersecurity, the TotalCare IT team creates a comprehensive plan for your goals. Our proven approach allows us to understand and customize the best security strategy for your business. 

TotalCare IT's Proven Process for Managed Cybersecurity Services
How TotalCare IT has been making cybersecurity easy for Idaho businesses since 2007

Our Managed Services Keep Idaho Businesses Working

IT and Cybersecurity Management Services for Eastern and Western Idaho

Caldwell • Nampa • Boise • Pocatello • Idaho Falls • Rexburg • Driggs

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The Most Productive Conversation You've Ever Had About Security...

How TotalCare IT Protects You: Zero-Trust Computing

As Idaho’s leading cybersecurity firm, TotalCare IT goes beyond basic security measures, deploying the industry’s best known defenses against cyber attacks. All of our clients are now protected by zero-trust computing, the most effective modern security model.


There’s a million cybersecurity programs on the market. The problem is, they can only protect you against known threats. And that’s not enough anymore. 

Hackers are using unknown and newly discovered vulnerabilities to attack your systems. These are known as “Zero-Day” software vulnerabilities, meaning the problem was just discovered and there’s been zero days to develop a security fix. 

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Why Continuous Monitoring is a Cybersecurity Must

Imagine this: you leave your house for vacation. You live in a shady neighborhood but feel confident your locks are...
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Managed Cybersecurity Services: Comprehensive Protection for Boise Enterprises

In today's digital age, cybersecurity has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes, including enterprises in...
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All businesses should adopt MFA. Now

If you haven’t upgraded your security, you could be making life far too easy for an intruder. If a criminal knew where...

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