What does it mean to move your data to the Cloud?

by Chelsea Zimmerman Chelsea Zimmerman | Mar 14, 2023 4:23:58 PM

What does moving your data to the Cloud look like?

Some imagine it looks like this...

server cloud 

Although the idea is humorous, no, your IT provider is not tying your servers to balloons and letting them go free.

The Cloud is an actual place (on planet Earth) where your data is stored in giant server farms. The management and maintenance of the equipment are provided by the cloud provider, which makes cloud storage very appealing to businesses.

But it's not just files sitting on servers in a basement.

Today, more and more technology is being offered through the cloud, so you can stay connected and plugged into your systems, no matter where you’re working. Cloud computing is a scalable, flexible solution for software, platforms, and infrastructure, with a lot of business benefits.

Chances are, you’re already using some cloud-based tools such as Google and Microsoft-hosted email, or Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 applications.

That’s really only the beginning of what the cloud can provide to your business. 

Imagine not needing that server down the hall, stacks of hardware, or even desktops. All of that information and functionality can be delivered to almost any device from secure data centers.

You can have access to your entire IT infrastructure from anywhere you have an internet connection, just like when you stream Netflix.

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