Aaron Zimmerman

I started TotalCare IT in 2007 with the vision of bringing enterprise level IT support to small businesses in Idaho. Over 13 years later, TotalCare IT is the only IT support company in the area specializing in the robust combination of Cybersecurity, Compliance, Technology Policy, and Disaster Recovery.

Q&A w/Aaron: “My Data is Backed Up, so I Can Recover it Fast, Right?”

Wrong! Here’s a big (and scary) misconception you might have about your data backups: backing up your data guarantees a fast recovery. It does NOT! In short, data backup is nothing more than copying files. There are a number of ways data can be backed up, both manually and automatically—and you don’t need to know all the technical ins and outs of them. But what you DO need to know is whether your current backup is set up in a way that would allow for the fastest possible recovery time in the event of a disaster or data-erasing event. You might be shocked to find out it’s not as fast and easy as you’d like to think.

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