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What is an IT discovery call?


Hi, my name is Aaron Zimmerman. I'm the president and founder of TotalCare IT in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Boise, Idaho. We are a managed services provider (MSP) serving Eastern and Western Idaho's professional businesses. What does that mean? 

We partner with Idaho businesses to provide fully managed IT services to Idaho Falls and Boise.

When a business wants to engage TotalCare IT for a discussion about how we can help them, we have a quick chat called a Discovery Call.

What happens in a discovery call with TotalCare IT?

Initially, we just meet each other. You tell me a little bit about your company, I like to tell you a little bit about my company, TotalCare IT, how it got started, and my background in IT and cybersecurity. I handle the sales at TotalCare IT, so you'll most likely be speaking with me, Aaron. 

Don't worry, I'm not a pushy salesman. My main goal is to make sure you get the services your business needs, regardless of whether that is through my company or not. Sometimes I do point people in another direction if I feel we wouldn't be a great fit.

And from there, we start to discover the pain points that you're facing inside of your business and some areas that have needed improvement.

We discuss TotalCare IT's comprehensive services - compliance, security, and user support - and how we work on a fixed monthly fee.

From there, we talk a little bit about budgeting, and then we'll decide if it looks like the next steps are warranted, ie. if it looks like TotalCare IT will be a good fit for your company and if your company would be a good fit for TotalCare IT.

What is a "good fit" managed IT services client for TotalCare IT?

A great perspective new client for TotalCare IT is typically a company with 15 or 20 employees up to about 150 employees. This size company usually understands the compliance regulations that they fall under, and they understand that investing into technology support and managed security services are not just something that they should do, but it's something that they have to do.

They recognize that it has become not a cost center, but more of an investment center inside their own business.

We work very well with companies that have a mature mindset as it pertains to the support of their employees and the protection of the data that is being managed and utilized throughout the day.

This is where we came up with the tagline, "We Keep People Working," because the more your people are working, the more your company is available to get accomplished what it is that your set goals and objectives are.

TotalCare IT Awarded Idaho's Best IT Services Company 2022, Eastern Idaho

TotalCare IT Awarded Idaho's Best IT Services Company 2022, Eastern Idaho

TotalCare IT was awarded Idaho's Best IT Services Company in 2022 for Eastern Idaho.

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