HIPAA Consulting

Are you truly HIPAA compliant?

  • If the Office of Civil Rights HIPAA Enforcement Division showed up at your door, would you invite them in with confidence?
  • If they asked you for your most recent risk assessment, would you have one to give them?
  • If they demanded an explanation of your risk management plan, would you know what to say?
  • If they wanted to discuss the outcomes of your incident management process, would you know what documents, logs, policies, and procedural evidence to pull together for the meeting?
  • Would you have security reports from your IT department/company to demonstrate your adherence to a suitable security framework that has been selected through an informed and thorough process of risk assessment and analysis?

Would you in fact, be equipped to prevail in the face of an investigation?

The Office of Civil Rights, HIPAA Enforcement Division has made it clear that, while practices are welcome to attempt their own HIPAA compliance assessment, they are certain that success is not possible without qualified, professional assistance. Case after case, a key finding of OCR is that implementation in practices has been insufficient to meet the regulations set forth in HIPAA law and its subsequent modifying laws and Final Rules. The results of these case resolutions have cost healthcare practices millions of dollars in fines, high remediation costs and years of corrective action oversight by OCR.

TotalCare IT delivers HIPAA solutions for Idaho medical and dental practices that cover all aspects of the Privacy, Security, Enforcement and Breach Notification Rules.

6 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Work With TotalCare IT For All Your HIPAA Compliance Needs:

  1. One Number to Call – When a breach happens, you don’t have time to be calling around for help. When you call TotalCare IT, you can get direct phone support from a HIPAA Expert that can handle all aspects of the breach notification response process.
  2. Custom Risk Management Plan – A comprehensive document that shows where your risks and gaps are, and a plan for ongoing service to gain and keep compliancy.
  3. Required Policies and Procedures – Not only are these required, they are necessary now to obtain and keep cyber insurance coverage for your practice. We provide these for you.
  4. HIPAA Security Rule – Technology security done for you with evidence of compliance.
  5. Required Annual Risk Assessment and Review – An evolving document that shows vulnerability identification as well as tracking of risk factors in your practice over time.
  6. Staff Trainings Including Compliance Officer – The best response plan is only that, a plan. There is only so much we can do to save your bacon without your staff being fully on board with a culture of compliance. We provide regular staff trainings to keep your employees cyber safe and knowledgeable in HIPAA compliance.


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