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Not All Backups are Created Equal

Your business data backup probably doesn’t work the way you think it does.

Backing up your data is a way of copying and storing your files so you can recover them in the case of a disaster. There are a few ways to do that.

The most important and overlooked difference between the options is how fast and easy it is to recover those files when you need them.

The hard truth about business data backup & recovery:

Recovery isn’t Usually Fast or Easy

Most businesses assume that because they have their system backed up, they can instantly retrieve their files and start working again if something goes wrong.


Depending on how your data is backed up, it can be a long and fragmented process to get your whole system restored. And that’s if your whole system is actually backed up. (Spoiler alert: it isn’t.)

For a fast, complete backup, businesses need to have images of their data offsite and in the cloud, that can be quickly spun up on a remote server or workstation during an emergency incident. Most businesses don’t.

In fact, according to Enterprise Strategy Group, 21% of businesses were still using tape backups in 2019. While tapes may be great for archiving large data files, they have a failure rate of 100%. Yikes.


Your Email and Workstations Aren’t Backed Up

Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail do not back up your mailboxes. It takes a third-party application to back up your messages. Really.

The same is true for workstation backups. If you don’t have a server or if your team is saving files to their local computers, your workstations need to be backed up.

Even if you do have image-based backups with redundant copies, you most likely only have this for your server(s), your company’s most critical data. But if you keep important files on your personal desktop, you need to be backing up your workstations as well.

Think about your emails and all the files stored on your desktop or laptop. Is that data that should be saved on the server, or data you want to be kept private? How much time and money would you lose if you lost these files forever?


Redundancy and Testing are Key

Having redundant backups means having backups of your backups. A good system is having a local backup of your data and multiple off-site backups, including one in the cloud. Your cloud-based backup is a key factor in data recovery time and something cyber insurance companies love to see. It can also protect you from having to pay a ransom in the event of a cyberattack.


Yes, a “Disaster” Probably will Happen to You

Most businesses believe a major data outage disaster could never happen to them. The truth is, it probably will because it happens all the time.

Sure, a disaster can be a catastrophic event such as a tornado but usually, it’s as simple as accidentally deleting files, or getting a virus, ransomware, having faulty hardware, or a server crash. Disaster recovery is the process by which you recover the functionality of your data, software programs, devices, and business operations.


Testing Backups is Just as Important as Having Them

Already have redundant backups? Great. Regularly test them to ensure your system is working smoothly and that the backups actually run like they’re supposed to. Too many businesses back up their data without regular verification just to learn that their backup doesn’t work when they need it.

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How TotalCare IT Backups are Better for Business

TotalCare IT specializes in backups and system recovery. We offer a unique service that can back up all of your domain, server, email, and workstation information, then store it on offsite servers, as well as the cloud.

We’ll work with you to understand your risk tolerance and use it as a basis for how frequently your system is backed up. Backups aren’t instant and constant; rather, they happen on a regular, predetermined frequency. You’ll need to decide how many hours or days worth of data you’re willing to lose if your system is wiped out.

Once all of your data is truly backed up, our team will regularly sample and test those backups to ensure they’re working the way they should be.

With this method, we can restore all of your system, email, and workstation data quickly and at the same time when a disaster strikes.


What You Can Expect From TotalCare IT Data Backups

At TotalCare IT, data backup and recovery is our biggest priority for the local Idaho businesses we serve. We promise concierge-level service and one of the most secure, reliable backup systems available, as well as fast, whole-system recovery.

What You Can Expect


Encrypted onsite and offsite backups in two different geographical locations plus the cloud.


In today’s elaborate cybercrime landscape, threat actors look for your backup servers as soon as they infiltrate your main system. As cybersecurity experts, our team works on the assumption your environment may be the target of a ransomware attack and takes additional steps to prevent your backups from being compromised.


Data is encrypted and protected with 24/7 monitoring.


We can back up more than your servers, including local computers, desktops, laptops, GSuite, Office 365, other email systems, and more.


Our cloud backups have data immutability, meaning no external or internal operation can modify your data, including hackers.