Cybersecurity Solutions for Idaho

The Industry’s Best Prevention Strategies from Idaho’s #1 Business Technology Partner

What will you do when you are a ransomware victim?

Your office assistant innocently clicked on a link in an email she thought was from a vendor. The next day when you get to work every device is completely locked down with a note demanding a $250,000 ransom to get your data back.

What now?

  • Do you have a written and practiced plan for an incident like this?
  • Can you function without technology?
  • Who will you call, and in what order?
  • Do you have a backup? How long will it take to restore your full system? Is it secure enough to evade the same cyberattack? 
  • Do your employees know what to say to customers who call on the phone? Do you have scripts ready to go, and does your staff know how to use them?
  • Do you have alternate ways of communicating with your customers and vendors?
  • Do you have an experienced attorney ready to help during these situations? Who is going to call them?
  • Who will handle negotiations with the cyber criminal and insurance company?
  • If you have to pay the ransom, can you even wire that much from your account? Many banks have wire transfer limits.
  • Do you have a plan for Day 2? Who is going to stay up all night and monitor the situation?

Why Your Cybersecurity Matters More Than Anything

Every minute of every day, hackers, cybercriminals and automated web bots are all trying to gain access to your network and private data. It doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational corporation or a small, rural Idaho business, attackers are attempting to use your data for financial gain and hold your system hostage for ransom (ransomware).

Security incidents can seriously hurt or put you out of business while causing you and your customers years of financial and legal headaches. Although there is no way to prevent 100% of cyber incidents, with the right professional help you can significantly reduce your risk. 

Everyday, we implement the best modern cybersecurity solutions on behalf of Idaho businesses like yours.

What’s at risk?

Lost revenue
Lengthy downtimes
Paying high ransoms to cyber criminals
Loss of business and consumer trust
Large fines due to data breaches (especially if your company falls under compliance regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, CMMC, PCI)

How TotalCare IT Protects You: Zero-Trust Computing

As Idaho’s leading cybersecurity firm, TotalCare IT goes beyond basic security measures, deploying the industry’s best known defenses against cyber attacks. All of our clients are now protected by zero-trust computing, the most effective modern security model.


There’s a million cybersecurity programs on the market. The problem is, they can only protect you against known threats. And that’s not enough anymore. 

Hackers are using unknown and newly discovered vulnerabilities to attack your systems. These are known as “Zero-Day” software vulnerabilities, meaning the problem was just discovered and there’s been zero days to develop a security fix. 

Zero-Trust Computing, Your Best Defense

Zero-trust computing is the least intrusive, most effective solution available to most businesses today. This cybersecurity framework denies all access to your system (and its components) unless explicitly allowed. Just like users, programs and applications in your network are only allowed to perform specific, approved tasks.

Adopting a Zero-Trust Framework

The first step to adopting the Zero-Trust framework is a silent, automated installation deployed from our remote management system. Our software observes and records the actions of every user, program and file for about a week. Then, our cybersecurity specialists work with you to evaluate the permissions needed and vett an approved access list. 

Once your access list is finalized, your system enters lockdown mode and no new programs are allowed to execute until manually authorized by either your team or ours. When your users need to deviate from their normal access or install a new program, they can notify IT instantly through an automatic pop-up.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Idaho Businesses

The TotalCare IT team provides cybersecurity services and support to business throughout Idaho including:

  • Security posture assessment and planning
  • Zero-Trust computing implementation and support
  • Incident response planning
  • Incident response support
  • Cybersecurity policies and procedures
  • Obtaining cybersecurity insurance
  • Compliance security including the HIPAA Security Rule

Talk to our expert team about protecting what matters, today.