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IT consulting and compliance consulting for Idaho businesses

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Consulting

Today, technology and risk-related planning includes some of the most important decisions a company can make. Most of the companies we work with don’t have an in-house chief information officer to guide those decisions with industry expertise. Instead, we fill that role within your leadership team.

As your virtual Chief Information Officer or vCIO, the leadership of TotalCare IT advises your decision-makers, helping to craft your technology strategy and related business plans. Together, we’ll maintain a 12-18 month road map that achieves your technology-related business goals. Along the way, we’ll align your environment to known good standards (it’s our thing) while giving you a tool for long-term budgeting and resource planning.

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Aaron with Eric O'Neil, former FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence operative who caught the first cyber spy

Cybersafety Training   

When your staff needs cybersecurity training, education to fulfill HIPAA compliance requirements, or certificates of training completion, we’ve got you covered. Our team can assist in setting you up with the right learning management solution for your organization so it’s one less thing on your list.

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Compliance Consulting

Every day, legislation is being drafted that regulates the cybersecurity and technology of specific industries. When those regulations affect your business, TotalCare IT works with your team to prepare your infrastructure for certifying bodies.

Through due diligence, 12-18 month technology roadmaps, and deep expertise in these evolving frameworks, we can help you confidently navigate the compliance process in any industry. And because we’re experts in both cybersecurity and IT management, we can do all of the hands-on work ourselves, so you won’t need to source multiple vendors.

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HIPAA Compliance

For medical or dental facilities, and the many industries that support them, HIPPA compliance (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) can be a huge hurdle without the right technology partner.

Our team helps Idaho businesses to prepare for annual HIPAA compliance risk assessments with both the IT system management and cybersecurity expertise you need to prepare for every aspect of this comprehensive standard. From building and testing your security framework to regular staff training, we’re here for the hands-on help and paperwork that will help you to achieve and maintain compliance.


CMMC Compliance

In order to contract with the US Government, Idaho businesses are required to obtain Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (CMMC) certification.

Before even scheduling a certified CMMC assessment, companies have to prepare their system, staff, and processes to meet or exceed this framework. It’s a big job and requires expert-level experience in both system management and cybersecurity.

TotalCare IT is your partner for every step of the preparation process, with the guidance and hands-on assistance you’ll need to align your business to the CMMC compliance standards and plan for your assessment with confidence.



The National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) is a voluntary standard for mitigating cybersecurity risk. This early standard was created by a public and private collaboration of industry leaders to provide guidance that helps businesses protect themselves and the data they’re entrusted with.

Our team can help your organization to reduce your risk of a data breach by aligning your systems to the NIST CSF framework. From guidance and planning to setting up the technical aspects of the program and training your team, our dual focus on cybersecurity and IT system management means we can assist with every aspect of your NIST CSF adoption.

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