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Start the Morning Right, with a Cup of TotalCare IT

It is a huge sense of relief knowing TotalCare IT is backing up all of our data daily. Just knowing that we will have backups available, and our data can be restored quickly and painlessly if we need it, helps me start each morning off right.

We appreciate the ease of remote monitoring and maintenance. When we call TotalCare IT, the phone is answered live and their team can quickly remote into our computers and fix any problem we are having in our inventory software or virtual machines. This accessibility is a huge time saver

If you are on the fence about who to work with as your IT firm, I say choose TotalCare IT and experience the difference.

Jeff Rydalch
Chief Financial Officer
Mountain West Product

TotalCare IT is an Amazing Partner in Business

I run a busy medical billing office and TotalCare has always been there when I need something. They have eliminated several potential problems before they could happen. TotalCare also continually helps me navigate the complicated HIPAA security rule when it comes to IT and data interchange.

When we went through a tough and complicated business acquisition, Aaron gracefully managed the whole IT transition process. Every interaction I have with TotalCare shows their honesty and helpful spirit. I would highly recommend Aaron and his team!

Katie Davenport
AmeriMax RCM

Security! Security! Security!

The greatest challenge TotalCare IT has helped us solve is security. They are pros at catching lurking security issues! We value TotalCare IT’s honest and upfront communication. They are there when you need them but allow your business to function within your tech comfort zone – no micromanaging. This is great for us because we have a staff member who can fix small issues that pop up, and then send escalations to TotalCare IT’s knowledgeable helpdesk team.

Elizabeth Bates
Receiving Manager
The Gun Shop

Not Just a Paycheck

I have been with TotalCare IT for over 11 years and I’ve had a close working relationship with them that makes me feel like I’m their only customer… I realize they have more than just me as a customer but they give me the attention that makes me feel like I am their only customer.

We have a three location system server and one of our biggest pain points was working very hard to manage all of the customer orders and shipments through this one program; If it weren’t for TotalCare IT’s service we would not have been able to get this program to work to his fullest advantage.

Also, I like that when I call the phone is answered live and I have a resolution the same day, usually within an hour. I have received phone calls from TotalCare IT notifying me of issues that were unseen on my side that they detected (and resolved) before I knew. I love the feeling that my businesses systems are proactively monitored – this allows us to attack a problem before it attacks us! When we did have a server hardware failure a few years ago, TotalCare’s backup & disaster recovery (BDR) solution had us up and running in a short time with no data loss in real time. Now that says it all!

Kelly Bennion
General Manager
Challenger Pallet

Our Holistic Technology Partner

I believe the single biggest pain point TotalCare IT has solved for us at Thresher Wheat is vertically integrating our IT support. TotalCare is an inclusive managed service provider that looks at IT support holistically and allowed us to consolidate several IT support vendors into one.  TotalCare has outperformed other IT firms we have tried in the past with their commitment to solving issues and implementing solutions that work for all our locations.

Thresher Wheat has a strong technology partnership with TotalCare IT. If you’re looking for top tier technology support for your business, then you’ve found your partner too.

Tim Lefman
Director Of IT
Agspring/Thresher Wheat

We Would be Less Productive and Profitable Without TotalCare IT

TotalCare IT continues to be a great value proposition for us. As a professional office providing services to clients, our IT systems have to stay working or our production halts. With TotalCare IT acting as our IT and cybersecurity department, I have proactive coverage for my systems. I’m getting better response times than when I had in-house IT, because TotalCare has a whole team of professionals and offers more available resources to resolve issues. Maintenance is no longer an issue for us, whether it be servers or desktops.

Bill Tanner
Partner and CPA
Searle Hart

TotalCare Grows with Us

The two biggest pain points TotalCare IT have helped us solve are security and scaling. First, TotalCare IT has set up secure networks for us that are appropriate for the Healthcare environment. It makes us feel comfortable and confident in the security of our clients’ information. Second, TotalCare has always met us where our business needs are at. From starting up as a 1-person business, to growing into many providers, administrative staff, and locations (including out-of-state support), scaling their service to meet our growing needs has been invaluable.

TotalCare IT is an overall great firm to work with. They always have quick response times, resolve all our issues, and meet all our needs. They are easy to work with, flexible, and quick to complete the job – especially when there is a technical issue prohibiting us from functioning efficiently as a business. Aaron is always up front about his ability to meet our needs and lets us know when we need to move in a different direction. We appreciate the professionalism and courtesy of the entire team.

Juls Thompson and Luke Einerson
Integrated Counseling and Wellness

Peace Of Mind

What sets TotalCare IT apart from other IT firms is their customer service. When I make a call, it is answered by a person that knows what is truly going on. I just don’t have to worry about our computers or server anymore. I have the confidence that TotalCare IT is managing my network and security, and they are there to fix any problems that come up. Most of the time they know as soon as I do we are having a problem. That peace of mind is a tremendous benefit for me. Aaron runs the best network/computer service company I have every experienced.

Alan Reed
Reed’s Dairy

Spectacular Customer Service

It’s easy to recommend TotalCare IT because they have always been upfront and easy to work with. Their resolution time is always within hours of us reaching out for help – we’ve never ever had that before with previous IT companies. We appreciate everything TotalCare does to keep us updated and running smoothly and securely. We have peace of mind knowing our data is being backed up securely offsite and our environment is safe from outside access and hackers.

Ty Plowman
Blue Wolf Inc.

Knowledgeable, Responsive, Reliable

When we were looking for an IT partner for our Engineering firm, we were surprised by how unresponsive most IT companies were. Then we met Aaron and TotalCare IT. Not only are the team at TotalCare responsive, they are also very knowledgeable and friendly. They helped us with our firewall implementation and continue the maintenance of it along with our server backups. Finally, we have an IT company we feel good about recommending to other businesses in Idaho – TotalCare IT!

Austin Ray
IT Administrator
Applied Engineering


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