Professional IT Solutions in Rexburg Idaho

Are you looking for the perfect solution for IT Support, IT consulting, Managed IT services, backup and disaster recovery and network security in Rexburg Idaho?

If so, we are the perfect choice you have been looking for. With our purpose built IT solutions and IT services for small and medium businesses we provide you the best, dependable and one of the most cost effective IT solutions in Rexburg. Our IT solutions are custom tailored to customer needs and help you induce and accelerate sustainable growth for your business.

We offer a diversified array of innovative IT and business solutions for our business community in Rexburg. Some of the services we are offering are:

  1. IT support
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Backup and Disaster recovery
  4. Managed IT Services
  5. Business Continuity planning
  6. Email and Spam Protection
  7. Hosted as a Service (Haas)
  8. Hosted Solutions
  9. Network Security
  10. Voice Over IP Phone System

Whenever a problem arises, TotalCare IT is there to make sure we are up and running. If we
are down then we lose business and revenue. TotalCare IT helps keep us in business.
I needed to increase productivity without increasing costs by renting additional office space. The solutions arrived at by TotalCare IT was to devise a remote worker path into server (Cloud) thus providing a way to increase productivity without increasing rent for more office space.

Prompt personalized service, affordable solutions, and keeping me apprised of cutting technology that work for my business.

Dana Izatt Searle Hart & Associates PLLC

TotalCare IT helps you:

  • Boost productivity – our proactive approach means more uptime and more work time for staff
  • Focus on the business – all IT issues go directly to us, freeing up your time to concentrate on business goals
  • Control costs – our flat fee plans give you a predictable budget, saving you from runaway IT costs
  • Reduce management overhead – we can replace a part time or full time IT guy, saving on salary and management costs
  • Long term planning – we provide insight and recommendations with technology planning and budgeting, so you can make better IT decisions
  • Outsource IT purchasing – we can handle procurement of new systems and software, simplifying this process and freeing up your time
  • Protect your investment – our security and backup strategy will protect all you have worked for