TotalCare IT has been one of the greatest resources I’ve been able to provide my clients. TotalCare’s approach is very different from traditional IT support service companies which are fire fighters all day long. TotalCare’s approach is radically different – preventing fires in your systems BEFORE they pop up. Every client I have referred TotalCare IT to has been thrilled they switched their IT support to TotalCare. I can emphatically say you will too!

Bob Spiel Spiel & Associates Consulting

Quick response to problems and your knowledge of network systems and computers allows you to fix the problem right the first time. I never have to worry anymore about our network going down and how I am going to get it fixed. Most of the time you know as soon as I do that we are having a problem. That peace of mind is a tremendous benefit for me. You have the best network/computer service company I have every experienced.

Alan Reed Reeds Dairy

I like when I call I have response the same day, usually within an hour. I have received phone calls from TotalCare IT notifying me of issues that were unseen on my side that they detected (and resolved) before I knew. I love the feeling that my businesses systems are proactively monitored - this allows us to attack a problem before it attacks us! When we did have a server hardware failure last year TotalCare's backup & disaster recovery (BDR) solution had us up and running in a short time with no data loss in real time. Now that says it all!

Kelly Bennion Challenger Pallet

Whenever a problem arises, TotalCare IT is there to make sure we are up and running. If we
are down then we lose business and revenue. TotalCare IT helps keep us in business.
I needed to increase productivity without increasing costs by renting additional office space. The solutions arrived at by TotalCare IT was to devise a remote worker path into server (Cloud) thus providing a way to increase productivity without increasing rent for more office space.

Prompt personalized service, affordable solutions, and keeping me apprised of cutting technology that work for my business.

Dana Izatt Searle Hart & Associates PLLC

"I appreciate very much the prompt and efficient response I get when I have an IT issue. I also appreciate that I can finally turn any and all of our IT issues over to this team and a reasonable solution is found very quickly. …and they can explain it so that anyone can understand it. We’ve recently turned all of our IT work over to TotalCare IT. The changes they did were pretty transparent to us as far very little interruptions, bugs to work out, etc. The result was fabulous. The stress release and efficiency their help has given our office has more than given a return on the investment into their services. Our team is now able to focus on goals that will help our company move forward. We are not taken off task or caused to lose our focus with IT issues. The amount of time spent on IT issues was not apparent to us until we didn't have to spend time here anymore. Now we can see what a cost savings it is."

Terry Wodsworth McNeil Development, LLC

They are always running in the background to make sure I do not have a day where I am down and unable to service my clients! They are extremely responsive. I am a small business that has a full blown IT department without having to pay for a full-time IT guy to be on staff.

Duane Fugleberg American Marketing & Financial Group

"When we had a need to upgrade our server system, and replace our company computers, you were very helpful in not only getting us a great price, but in making sure our information was secure and transferred successfully. We now have someone to call on that is responsive to our needs."

David Ogden Satisfied Customer

Knowledgeable, fast, courteous, local, dedicated to customer satisfaction. TotalCare has assisted me with many things on my personal computer - always quick, friendly service at a reasonable price. Always able to contact with a problem or question. Resolves issues quickly.

Angie Hill The Development Company

We love the dependability and reliability of the TotalCare IT Team. When we first started to look at bringing in an outside company to help us with our IT needs, TotalCare IT stopped by and helped us solve a major technical problem we were having with another vendor. Their responsiveness to our concerns and questions has been outstanding. The biggest benefit we’ve received in working with TotalCare IT is knowing that we have a trusted partner who is always looking out for us and the best interest of our company.

Erik Madsen Home Care Pulse